Porn 'stars' should not teach us how to treat our children, and how to protect them, IMIO.



[BTW, I'm tired of horoscopes.]


Now I'm a bash-programmer (not a php-proger)


I'm writing this post from the old Nokia n9 using SSH !!!


I think Android system harms your privacy in the same way as iOS. And both of them are full of bugs and cause discomfort in use. People who argue about what of the systems is better make me laugh.


"My mom took cynanide and signed the paper for the heart surgery" do you know cyanide destroys cells and kills the brain and heart by preventing oxygen so by the time the surgery happens
The heart will be useless or you will pass the cyanide to the girl and kill her
(Greatest mother of all time) btw this story is fake
[comment from YT]


Our old and seriously ill cat was put to sleep today... Usually I think it's not a good decision. Because hopeless patients in hospitals suffer until they die (some persons are sure euthanasia should be allowed for them); and wild animals also sick seriously sometimes, and there are no doctors near them to put them in sleep.


I think all legal casinos are pointless, because real ardors and sincere passions are impossible under the state supervision in any country. So we come to the conclusion that true casinos must be illegal only.