230 years ago William Herschel discovered one of Saturn's moon, and his son named it Enceladus.


Some interesting opinions about Instagram [from comments of LH users].

Instagrm is the site where the stupidity of virtual masturbators reaches its peak... It is a phenomenon of stupidity which even hasn't special name yet.

It's important for 'stars', and who cares about your food and face?

This dump is the common denominator of the modern world. False, mud, sleaze, and emptiness.


I have made my choice for the village.


204 years ago Napoleon Bonaparte won his first victory near the Ligny.


95 years ago all Indians of USA was granted citizenship.
66 years ago Queen Elizabeth was crowned at Westminster Abbey, London.
Long life to all of them! Give the Queen the peace pipe!


The scarecrows in the suburban area. North of Russia


Today is "World No Tobacco Day". What does it mean? Is the smoking prohibited this day? Does violators pay a fine for a smoking today?
I've never even tried smoking but I'm sure this "holiday" is useless as well, as so-called "Earth Hour".


I've read that in USA persons usually say to others 'How are you' but don't expect any answer than common "I'm fine/I'm ok".
So, if you'll tell something else nobody will listen you. Is it really so?


A lot of music bands use natural musical instruments and drum machines. But how will be sound natural drums with synthesizer?
Is it nice? I'm sure yes!


I hate city life for me.
Really miss Nepal. This is all organic food.
If we want long live this ruler life is very fantastic. This people are not get sick.
Really I like all this food.
[comment from YT video about village life in Nepal]


House in the village or house on the sea coast? It will be a hard choice.


Today is the birthday of Dante Alighieri.
"Why would it have been interesting for a 13th century figure to imagine the world as round? It was known since the old greeks that the earth was a globe." [comment from YT]


How many weirdos can we gather at the same place?? I don't know maybe have a anime cosplay a couple of hundred thousands showed up!
[comment from YT]


427 years ago Giordano Bruno was arrested by the inquisition authorities.
I think he was burned not for the Earth revolving around the Sun but for his another statements [e.g. there are many other inhabited worlds in addition to our planet].


93 years ago, in Italy, Mussolini has said beauty contests are immoral and has forbidden them.
Sometimes, when I look at such contests nowadays, I think that him idea wasn't bad...


Some man has written several weeks ago: "Madonna should have a new nickname 'METALMOUTH'"...


Oh, what a big slice of delicious sunflower-seed halva!

Actually it is not a halva. If you are interested in astronomy, you may know what it is.


I don't like dancing. I don't enjoy it absolutely, because I am neither flexible nor elegant. It pisses me off when someone tries to drag me to the dance floor.
But I like to play dance rhythms on drums. I prefer Latin rhythms (despite of I especially hate this kind of dancing), because they are difficult to play, so they help to develop my coordination well.


When I watch on YT the videos captured inside the ISS [International Space Station] I note some viewers write under these videos: "this is very good fakery", "SO FAKE", ":-) Fake station :-)", "little hollywood story" etc. They are from various countries, so it's an international kind of fun.
No, I'm not angry when I read this, it just amuses me. Some of them are "lite-version trolls", but who knows, maybe some of them still trust the Earth is flat?...


It's my hobby: