About Fishing in the Sea

One day I've tried fishing in Ligurian sea.
First several days I fished from the mooring where local residents fish every day. I often saw that gentlemen with their expencive tackles and other good fishing stuff. But I was sure that it's difficult to fish something big without boat. Besides the fishing at the mooring side is officially prohibited (I guess that it's so in other contries).

One day I've seen 2 gentlemen in white uniform and peak-caps. They've said me and other fishermen that fishing at the mooring is prohibited. So, after that I fished at the rocks but only fished little flounders and other small fry, although they were good for fast frying on pan with olive oil.

Soon I've bought one-seat inflatable boat of 'Yamaha' and it was worth that. By the way it's not the best idea to boat in the sea just for entertainment because of strong rolling. But when it's really calm and you boat not far from the coast it can of course give you unforgettable feelings.

What time is the best for fishing? The sellers at the fishing shop said the best time for fishing is evening and night. But I've not found any difference between any time of the day.

I agree with the most of fishermen that one of the best baits for sea fishing are sea worms. Worms can be bought at the shop, they are pretty expencive [3,5 or 4 euro per box] but have a great effect - majority of fishes eat them. I fished 8 kinds of fishes using worms (but maybe there are not more than that 8 kinds in that places).
Using the boat I fished with sinker because It seems that float is useless when fishing far from the coast (and don't forget about intensive rolling). I adhere a swivel to the main line to prevent the sinker slipping, and then adhere a trace of the special line, like in  this pic.

We must be carefull when removing the fish from the hook!
Some sea fishes have dangerous thorns behind gills, another have sharp fins. I think that gloves can be useful in such business.

My catch:

My boat:
*Pulling a fish with tackle and net*
Some fisherman has captured a fish near the berth

Do you know the names of these fishes?
If so, please let me know via guestbook