My little gambling experience

Last year I was fortunate to visit Monaco. I actually went there with one purpose - to look at the famous casino and gamble a little.

Before that I was in San Remo, where at local casino (also known) has won a little, but I behaved there improperly - I was prevented by greed. I gambled there only at electronic roulette. After 2-3 failed games (I played the first time in my life! And like most, I could not resist the temptation), I learned how to bet so as to constantly get a small gain.

The sense of restraint was the main condition of that successful gamble - tucking into the machine and winning 5 or 10 euro, I immediately took out the check and cashed it. Not worth doing that several times a day. Not surprisingly that soon after that my admission's became invalid (every gambler has to have an admission which receptionist makes at gambler's first visit).

In Monaco, an admission for entry into the gambling room is not required. Very quickly I lost all I've won the San Remo, and a little beyond that. After thinking about the failing and reading internet articles about gambling, I'd realized that the correct way to be a good gambler (not a freak) is learning to understand that sitting at slot machine we get the pleasure and we have to pay for it (especially in Monaco, with its price level).

Therefore, before the gambling we must to decide exactly how much we're willing to spend without pain, and put such sum in the pocket. And also is a good idea to learn how to determine in advance exactly how many spins/moves we are willing to do, and do not gamble any more! For example, set a rule: to do ten spins. And then go to drink coffee.

So, with the sense of restraint and the fun (either with a chance of winning, don't forget!) we spend in the gambling room a great time.

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